Rabu, 19 Februari 2014

Limit Mission - Felicia's Enchanted Adventure

1. Plant 50 Heart Chocolate
Harvest 50 Heart Chocolate

2.Have a completed Stone Mine on the Farm(5RC)

3.Collect 16 Stone from the Stone Mine
Craft a Stone Gnome Home in the Workshop

4.Produce 90 Heart Cookies in the Cookie Machine
Produce 100 Lavender Cookies in the Cookie Machine

Reward : Rubber Tree

5.Craft 2 Arrows in the Workshop

6.Find the weakest minion and defeat him

7.Harvest 20 Lychees
Craft 5 Sling Shots in the Workshop

Reward : 1 Gasoline

8.Produce 100 Grandma's Steak Burgers in Grandma's Burger Machine

9.Make 5 Citrus Splash Toner in the Beauty Shop
Make 25 Rose Water in the Beauty Shop

10.Have at least 20 Neighbors
Ask 15 Amber from Neighbors in case it can break the curse

Final reward : White Raccoon (eats walnut and gives white raccoon fur)

Machines needed for this mission : cookie machine, grandma’s burger machine and baker.
Trees needed for this mission : ash or oak tree, lychee tree, rubber tree and orange tree.
Building needed : stone mine (10 rc), workshop, mill or donkey mill and beauty shop.
Animals needed : cow, chicken coop and Limousin cattle.

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