Rabu, 30 April 2014


STEP 1 : Harvest 50 carnations and place a Azalea pink fence on the farm.
STEP 2 : Have a completed granny knitter on the farm (costs 9 rc) and feed wheat to the sheep and produce 70 wool,
reward 1 gasoline

STEP 3 : Collect 120 angora hair and produce 120 bunny slippers with angora hair in granny knitter.
STEP 4 : Help grandma reeves find her sewing needle.
STEP 5 : Produce 20 fine silk scarf in the granny knitter.
STEP 6 : Ask 15 Happy Mother's Day Cards from neighbors and produce 150 love cakes in the cake machine.

Final reward is "Shelduck"(eats wheat and gives shelduck feather).

Crops needed for this mission : 50 carnations, 290 wheat (140 wool and 150 wheat flour), 120 carrots (angora hair), 150 love fruit and 150 corns (eggs).
Animals needed : sheep, rabbit, chicken coop.
Machines needed : granny knitter (9 rc) and cake machine (7 rc).
Trees needed : silk tree (8 rc).
Buildings needed : dutch mill,brick mill or donkey mill.Happy Farming!

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