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Book Author become a blogger? Why not?

In my imagination, the book author is someone who is very busy, but there are also among them who also write a blog. She is Tia Marty Al-Zahira. Tia Marty has published many books, the last one is "Time In A Bottle." Though the book "Kalo Cinta Bilang Aja". Whereas I haven't yet time to buy and read it. Besides, the anthology book published along with the other writers. Only this time I became acquainted with an author so close and intense, especially cool writer like her, Tia Marty is the humble person and helpful. Several times I asked for help and she always does what I ask.

Tia Marty with Gissele

But when I asked what is her most special books, she said "Each book is special because they born with each feature" however she mentioned two books, titled Khasiat Istimewa Jambu Klutuk and Kalo Cinta Bilang Aja.

Besides writing books, Tia Marty is also active as a freelance, also a scripwriter. She had written a Kelas Internasional series, a sitcom series which aired on one of private television (NET TV). Waw, every day I usually watching the Kelas Internasional on NET TV. Oh pls Mbak Tia, send my hello to Han Yoora, Lingling Unnie also Seno :D

As Bekasi resident, she wants seriously blogging now, start a blog in 2015 because on the previous year she had set up a blog but unfortunately she forgot password along with their email. Originally, she just wanted to writing daily notes and promo her book but now blogs are more often filled with her activities of reportage blog.

It is said by her, many benefits can be gained from write a blog, for example we can get a lot of friends, can get around Jakarta, can earn money and gift (award) and the also important thing is to get a job.

Getting money from blogs is not as easy as it looks. It should consistency in writing. May differ from her because she is an author whose her name is already well known, so to get a job review also an easy matter for her, a different story if you are just a person who just starting a blog. Keep writing with a heart, and money will follow you. Especially, if you already win the competition like she does, she won the competition blog in collaboration with JNE also competition reportage blog.

From her blog at tiamarty.com we'll see posts wrote several destinations in another city, so my own conclusions she is someone who likes to travelling, and her answer "My hobbies is like daydreaming, eating, photograph also travelling". Hence, her book lined up neatly in rows of bookstore, because she has a wild imagination and it successfully incorporated into a paper, that is called a book.

Hopefully Tia Marty get more successful and quickly finished her novel. Also achieved her goal of leaving Umrah together with her mom and go around Indonesia. Do not forget to tell us OK.

See you next week. Who will be on my stories?

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9 komentar:

  1. Tia marty temen seperjuangan saya di FLP Bekasi, ga nyangka bisa melejit kyk gini /:D

    1. keren emang ya mbak Tia ini.. Sama kerennya kayak Mbak Amanda ;)

  2. Mbak Tia ini karyanya udh seabreg yaa.. Kerreenn..

  3. "Keep writing with a heart, and money will follow you." duh ngeliat ada tulisan money mata langsung ijo hahaha ^^v
    Keep inspiring to other ya Mba Tia, semoga saya juga bisa seperti orang-orang hebat ini :)

  4. Haalo mba Tya...aku ketemuan sm beliau di acaranya emakblogger

  5. tulisan mbak tia beraneka genre ya..bisa bikin skenario sitkom, sampai tentang tanaman.
    mau tinggalkan komen pake linggis malah nanti gak ada yg ngerti, :D

  6. true, people think is easy to write. They have no idea about the process and times consuming... And is a lonely process and surely challenging

  7. Wow your English is great. Keep up the good work mbak Rani. So proud of you!


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