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Descendants of the Sun : First Impression

Hi all my readers? Hihi.. sorry to say but Im not going to review this K-Drama, not yet. But I will telling you my first impression about Descedants of the Sun.

As you know, everyone especially Kdrama lovers know about this movie. Before the movie aired, rumors has been revolve. Perhaps that is a company promotion. But I think rumors get mount because the lead actor and actress. 
descendants of the sun - first impression

Who the Main Actor

Song Joong-Ki as Captain Yoo Shi-Jin
Song Hye-Kyo as Doctor Kang Mo-Yoen

Song Hye Kyo as Doctor Kang Mo-Yeon

Song Jong-Ki as Captain Yoo Shi-Jin

Wuhuuu.. before played in this drama, Song Joong-Ki have been finishing a conscription. So its his first drama since conscription. Wow.. and honestly, Im Song Hye Kyo fans’s :D :D also.. I curious what make up technician she weared so she can looking as 20th. Wuuh, but what stories about?

Sinopsis : Its about love story between Captain Yoo Shi-Jin who belongs to the UN peacekeeping troops, and Doctor Kang Mo-Yoen. Due to the UN’s request, they are stationed in the Capital of another the country.

Wel.. Wel.. Wel..

In 1st episode, when we can know a storyline of the movie, we know that Captain Yo Shi-Jin will be interest to the Doctor Kang Mo-Yoen. Every K-Drama as simple like that, a viewers is always now who main actor and main actress that will be falling in love in this movie. Except in Who Are You of course, Zzz..Zzz..

Then this is my first impression when I watching Descedant of the Sun

Gun in Demilitarization Duel 1 by 1?

Because demilitarization, they can not using a weapon so Captain Yoo Shi-Jin and Seo Dae-Yeong need a negotization with North Korea. Then? They duel 1 by 1.

Okey, I agree with writer-nim that they cant used a gun, but why in the last negotitation they still use a gun even its just a threat.

Fall in love begins with the curtains closed

In Indonesia, trends falling in love is by handkerchief dropped in ground. Haha, I felt falling in love too with this drama when Captain Yoo Shi-Jin looked at Doctor Kang Mo-Yoen just because the curtains closed. Wuehehe, yes please! Ridicule me!

Too busy to get boy/girl friend because a job?

Oh please, this is so me yesterday! Haha. But Im not a doctor or a captain. Let it flow! Let it flow! Oh please Ran, dont singing that song, LOL.

A doctor didn’t have a boyfriend because they are too busy, also
A soldier don’t have a girlfriend because.. Too much hard work.

Just in this drama! If a doctor didnt have a boyfriend, she will going to general workshop till meet another doctor. Haha, yes it can be. Just on my opinion.

Uniform for a date

Have you ever seen Mark Zuckerberg posting on his post what cloth will he used that day? Only a black cloths, haha and we see here when a soldier falling in love then he prefer choose uniform of soldier. Wow, I think I see my dad when he is young. My mommy say when she meet first time with my dad, she didn’t recognize him because the uniform. My mommy said, perhaps that he is soldier on duty. LOL, what a poor daddy.

Picked by helicopter?

Dont you think weird if your superior asking you to join  a duty and he will pick you by helicopter? Even you are a captain. And captain in Indonesia are leutnan, not a major general. I think that is too much to describe that Captain Yoo Shi-Jin is an important person. He can picked by a car and his subordinate. Haha no! It can be, coz every main actor is a son from wealthy family who get broke with his girlfriend is always picked by car also a bodyguard. It cant be in this drama who main actor was Captain is just picked by car like a son from wealthy family. Weird but conditionally if compared with another drama.

Descedants of the Sun are finished now, on April 2016 at KBS TV. Wooh.. yet I will finishing too. Wait for me, okey. See you bye-bye in next K-drama. Xia You..


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  1. Indeed, am not KDrama lover. I just know one or two tittles like; Bread, Love and (Dream, isn't it? sorry i can't remember), and also Boys Before Flower..hiahaha

    1. me too hihihihi, even everyone at my office always talking about this drama. And I'm the only one who didn't noticed what are they talk about, errrrrrrr >.<

    2. So both of you need to watch this drama! XD XD XD

  2. Penonton drama ini melebihi kuota haha.. Disalah satunya itu saya, :D

    Dan, saya baru lihat artis cowoknya ini yanv pertama ;)

    1. makanya ratingnya tinggi berkat kita hahaha.. Padahal Song Jong-Ki sudah sering main lho cuma ya itu, aku juga baru lihat jadi aktor utama ya baru kali ini :D XD

  3. suka banget sama pasangan ini :)
    adegan romantisnya "dapet" banget, sepertinya setelah menyaksikan drama ini aktor favorit saya bertambah lagi:)

    1. iya Mbak Ira, sayang kadang aku lupa nama aslinya :D

  4. Wah tulisan korea begini mah laris maniiiss mba. Semangat..lanjutkann

    1. tapi saingannya juga bejibun LOL

  5. This week is my fifth times watching this drama. Episode 9th is my favourite. And I just can't stop to wacth it over and over again ha ha ha.


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